Renovating a kitchen in 2024 is a great opportunity to take advantage of the latest design and color trends. Very recently the trends have started shifting away from bright and bold colors towards softer shades. By utilizing these colors in a centralized kitchen remodel, Raleigh homeowners can also make the rest of the house feel more contemporary. 

What are the kitchen color trends to check out?

Hello Pink!

One color you may be seeing more of in kitchens and other rooms in the home is a soft pink shade. Designers giving kitchens a touch of retro appeal by bringing back this once popular color that was seen in kitchens and bathrooms of the 50s through 70s. However, the key is to use it sparingly rather than going whole hog with pink walls, cabinets, and appliances! Consider a muted pink backsplash or a decorative wall paper on one side of the kitchen to incorporate this color into your kitchen.

Let the Sun Shine In

Yep, another bright and cheery color making an appearance in the kitchen in 2024 is yellow. Once again, the key is not to go with a bright, intense yellow, but to choose softer shades that easier on the eyes. There are lots of shades of yellow to choose from too. Golden yellow is a popular option for kitchen cabinets, as it can be paired with blue and gold accents, or the trendy warm neutral tones that are a hit this year.

Woodsy and Warm Neutral Tones

The earth tones that were trending a few years ago have evolved into shades reminiscent of wood, like tan, beige, and light brown. These shades may be paired with real wood floors and lightly stained wood cabinets to create a bright and comfortable feeling. As a contrast dark wood colors and shades are also being incorporated into home designs.

White and Any Dark Color

Lots of kitchen designers are still using black and white to create attention-grabbing style. But, that's not the only combination being experimented with anymore. In 2024, white is being paired with other dark colors for added contrast. Some interesting choices are blue and white, green and white, and dark wood and white.

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