Remodeling a bathroom is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Not only can updating your space make spending time in the bathroom more enjoyable, it can make your space healthier and safer too.

So, what should you consider when updating your bathroom? Here are a few things that, when weighed carefully, will help ensure you create a custom bath replacement that you and your family will love for years to come.

Your Budget

It’s a good idea to iron out your budget first. There’s nothing worse than getting your heart set on marble flooring only to realize you can’t afford it. Come up with a maximum amount you’re willing to spend and it’ll make the entire process much more enjoyable.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, don’t think you can’t afford a new bathroom. If you or someone you love has mobility issues, a bathroom update is essential to their well-being, no matter how much it costs. Luxury Bath of Raleigh offers affordable bathroom solutions, in addition to financing options, to ensure a safe, clean, healthy bathroom is within reach for everyone.

How Much Time Will the Remodel Take?

Many people don’t think carefully about how long a remodel will take. Traditional remodels require demolition and construction that could days or even weeks. That’s not such a big deal in the basement or a spare bedroom, but it can make life miserable in the bathroom.

Of course, a traditional remodel is always an option, but if you’re looking to save money and time, it doesn’t get any better than a tub replacement from Luxury Bath of Raleigh. Because our liners are custom created for your space, we can install everything in as little as a day, ensuring you have complete access to your bathroom in less than 24 hours. A remodel like this is even simpler because it doesn’t alter the current layout of your space!

What Do You Want Out of Your Bathroom?

Once you’ve settled on a budget and a timeline for the completion of your new bathroom, it’s time to have a little fun! Do you want to make your bathroom safer? Are you looking for a spa-like feel? Do you want to enhance the resale value of your home? We do it all at Luxury Bath of Raleigh!

Choose from bath projects that include:

·  Walk-In Tubs: Reduce slips and falls by installing a luxurious walk-in tub with a swinging door.

·  A Bath Replacement: Get the best of both worlds and upgrade to a bath and shower combo.

·  A Shower Replacement: Get a high-end look with a zero-entry shower that features a glass door.

Stop putting off your bath replacement and get your project started off on the right foot with the help of our remodeling experts! Give us a call or fill out our online form and we’ll send you a quote so you can budget for your new space.