When you're remodeling your bathroom, one of the most important decisions you'll make is what style of shower to choose. If you go with a cool color scheme, you'll want to pick a shower that compliments those colors. In this blog post, the experienced bathroom remodelers here at Luxury Bath of Raleigh will discuss some of the best shower styles to choose if you have a cool bathroom color scheme. So, if you're ready to give your bathroom a fresh new look, keep reading!

Complement Your Shower With The Right Colors

Finding the right color for your shower is important because you don’t want to choose a color scheme that doesn’t really complement your shower. That is why we recommend different colors depending on the type of aesthetic you want to convey with your shower.

  • Minimalistic Aesthetic: For a more minimal aesthetic for your shower, go with a white, gray, or concrete color. 
  • Luxury Aesthetic: For a luxurious touch on your shower, you should opt for more complex color schemes such as San Michele Travertine, Quartz, Arctic Ice, and Platino Granite. 

Match Your Colors With Tiles

When you're looking to add a little personality and style into your bathroom, consider the tile patterns that best complement cool colors. We recommend using smaller block patterns, such as Hexagonal, Subway, and Cobblestone, to complement cooler colors such as whites and grays. 

Choose The Right Accessory Colors

From your faucets and drains, to the grab bars and shelves, your accessories are also an important part of tying everything in your shower together. That is why you must choose the perfect colors for them to match the cool colors on your shower walls. That is why we recommend using nickel or black colors for your accessories as they can really improve the aesthetic of your bathroom. 

Get A Free Estimate And Consultation On Your Shower Remodel 

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