Bathroom remodeling can be very exciting, but you always want to make sure you stick to your budget. It is easy to let your eyes pick out extravagant choices when your pocketbook is only able to afford basic options. These four tips will help keep you in the right mindset during your in-home bathroom consultation. 

1. Financing Opportunities

When you first sit down for your design consultation, it is important to set in place your budget. Ask your consultant what financing opportunities they have to offer. Explain to them that your budget cannot be changed, and ask them to only show you items that stay within that budget. If they can offer you assistance with financing that is great but make sure to pay attention to monthly payments and interest. This ensures you do not pay too long or too much for your bathroom remodel.

​​2. Limit Accessories

Accessories can look great and add easiness to any bathroom remodel. However, when you are on a budget, limiting accessories is a great place to cut costs. If there is an item you want, but do not need, ask if it is something you can add later. You may also be able to YouTube an item and install it yourself! 

​​3. Limit Customization

We all know it is easy to get carried away when customizing your new bathroom. Instead of going for the etched-in tile looks, ask if there are shower surrounds with the tile pattern already on them. This cuts the etching price cost off of your bottom line. If you already have great bathroom pops of color you may want to go with just a simple and basic white bathroom replacement. You can always add more color or artwork later to add excitement to your new bathroom.

​​4. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key when trying to save money on a bathroom remodel. Sometimes the remodel is necessary but the luxury spa-like feel is not attainable. At Luxury Bath of Raleigh, we offer a large variety of simple and affordable shower and bathtub replacement options. We have a respectable mindset that will not push you to go to the extreme, especially when you are working so hard to keep your bathroom as a simple remodel.