Is your bathroom showing its age? As you begin to remodel your Raleigh home, you may be searching for ways to modernize your style. Trending contemporary styles focus on making your home more comfortable for your daily routine. Contemporary bathroom designs tend to emphasize neutrals, introduce bold textures, and focus on easy-to-maintain products. Use this guide to better understand the ways you can introduce modern and contemporary design elements into your bathroom.

Comfortable Colors and Patterns

Contemporary styles tend to appreciate timeless, neutral designs. Modern bathrooms elevate neutrals by combining various patterns and textures. If neutrals don’t have enough personality for you, try leaning into bold neutrals such as black, green, or blue. Some ways you revamp bathroom tiles is by experimenting with colors and patterns:

  • Use Herringbone or Hexagonal Shapes for a Unique Pattern
  • Use Horizontal Subway Tiles for a Timeless Look
  • Flip Subway Tiles Vertically for an Ultra-Modern Look
  • Pair Your Wall Surrounds with Bold Fixtures

Efficient Shower Door Styles

Another way homeowners are modernizing their space is by elevating their shower doors. While shower curtains and slider doors will always be a popular choice, you can customize your doors to better fit your room:

  • Pivot Style Doors Are Perfect for Corner Showers and Tight Spaces
  • Double Slider Doors Require More Space but Are Easy to Open
  • No-Door, Walk-In Showers Are Handicap-Accessible and Seamless

Functional Accessories Personalized to You

Custom is key. As homeowners spend more time at home, they’re looking for ways to make their spaces work for them. Adding unique accessories is a great way to add comfort and accessibility to your home. Some popular accessories you can add to your bath or shower system include:

  • Shelving or Caddies
  • Soap Dishes
  • Grab Bars
  • Seating
  • Hydrotherapeutic Jets

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