shower replacement

An older bathtub or shower will not last forever. After years of use, older tubs and showers can begin to degrade and discolor, causing an unsightly appearance and loss of function. Rather than suffering and waiting for more damage, it's better to take action immediately. In nearly every case, an entire shower replacement or bathtub replacement is the best choice. However, many homeowners neglect this installation in favor of a quick shower or tub liner without realizing how unpleasant the consequences can be in the short term.

Here, we'll look at what exactly a liner is, the disadvantages that come with it, and why your Raleigh bathroom remodeling project will always benefit from a full tub or shower replacement.

What is a Bathtub or Shower Liner?

With a shower or bathtub liner, you will keep your existing fixture. A liner is a solid piece of material, generally made from acrylic or plastic, that fits into the contours of your existing shower base or bathtub. Adding a new liner helps to refresh the visual appeal of the fixture, hiding any imperfections or discoloration that have occurred over the years. While they are an affordable way to revamp your bathroom, they have numerous problems. These include:

  • Water Entrapment: This is a huge issue with liners. It's very likely that water will find its way in between your bathtub or shower and liner. Once it gets here, it's nearly impossible to remove. This stagnant water will become trapped, causing mold to grow beneath the surface.
  • They Don't Solve Issues: A liner simply hides the imperfections and damages caused to your bathing fixture. They will not fix anything. If you have a more severe problem, a liner is simply a visual band-aid.
  • Cheap Feeling: It's very easy to tell when a liner has been installed. Instead of a solid piece of acrylic beneath your feet, a liner will feel flimsy and inexpensive. Many homeowners find themselves wishing they just made the commitment to a new fixture.

Advantages of Choosing a Full Bathtub or Shower Replacement for Your Raleigh Home

For the above-listed reasons, a liner is generally not recommended, If you need quality bathroom remodeling for your Raleigh home, you're best off investing in a durable and aesthetic shower replacement or bathtub installation. Doing so will remove any doubt about the process. Choosing this route comes with many advantages including the potential for customization, limited lifetime warranties, and long-lasting performance. It can also permanently correct any of the issues you were having with your old fixtures. 

Another advantage is that you can swap out your existing fixture. If you currently own a bathtub and would prefer a walk-in shower, functional tub-to-shower conversions are an excellent installation to invest in. You cannot make this change with a simple liner.

Invest in a Shower or Bathtub Replacement Today!

You deserve to have a highly functional bathroom. If your shower or bathtub is in need of a revamp, don't waste your time with a liner. A full shower or bathtub replacement is the most long-lasting and cost-effective method for restoration.

Luxury Bath of Raleigh can provide it for you. Our accomplished team is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, and we are proud winners of the "Big50" award. Whether you need a stylish bathtub installation,  a premium shower installation, or complete remodeling, we're ready to assist. Get in touch today to schedule a free consultation and receive a quote.