If you are looking to nail your gifts this season, we’ve got just what you need- a perfect curated list of small business gifts. Whether your loved one just finished remodeling their bathroom or they are planning to in the new year, these are the best gifts to bring warmth to their new space. This gift guide is tailored to celebrate their achievement and enhance their newly renovated oasis. From indulgent pampering items to functional and stylish accessories, here's our curated list that combines luxury and practicality for the ultimate post-remodeling gift!

Luxurious Bath Robes

After a bathroom remodel, nothing complements the fresh ambiance like a high-quality, Turkish bathrobe. Our gift basket would definitely contain a robe and a set of towels from Let’s Talk Towels. This small business is run by a mother-daughter-duo with a mission to bring quality Turkish fabrics to North Carolina!

Scented Soy Candles to Help You Relax

Remodeling can be very stressful. Help your loved one celebrate their completed project with a spa retreat in their very own home. Scented candles make a perfect addition to a bath-inspired gift basket. In our basket, you would find a soy candle from Jackson + Wyatt who is based in Wake Forest, NC. These candles are still handcrafted in their kitchen.

Elegant Bathroom Décor for all Styles

Help bring something special to a newly remodeled bathroom by gifting small elegant décor pieces. Avoid choosing any large pieces, and instead opt for small things such as stylish soap dispensers, decorative trays for toiletries, or a set of artisanal candles. We’ve spotted some beautiful antique trays at It Takes Two in Cary. This small company based in Cary, NC specializes in antiques and can be found inside the Painted Tree Boutique.

Spa-Inspired Toiletries for Your In-Home Spa Days

Enhance the pampering experience with spa-inspired toiletries. Gift sets with high-quality bath salts, soy candles, and moisturizers can turn an everyday routine into a luxurious self-care ritual. We’ve selected this gift set from Sweet Child & Co., a small business based in Cary, NC.

Unique Handmade Soap Bars 

Choosing to gift handmade soap bars for a celebration adds a thoughtful and personal touch to the space. Handcrafted soaps not only convey a sense of warmth and care but also bring a touch of artistry to the recipient's new bathroom. Each soap carries the essence of craftsmanship, making it a meaningful and charming addition to your gift basket. In our basket, you would certainly find one or two of The Chicory Co.’s natural cold-process soap bars.

Choose the Perfect Gifts for Someone Who Recently Remodeled Their Bathroom

Choosing the perfect gift for someone who has just remodeled their bathroom involves combining functionality with a touch of luxury. Whether it's adding comfort with a plush bathrobe, incorporating spa-inspired scents, or enhancing the aesthetic with elegant décor, these gifts will undoubtedly make their newly renovated bathroom an even more enjoyable and inviting space.

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