Bathroom Remodeling

The time for spring cleaning is upon us, so it’s time to declutter and organize your home. The bathroom is one room in which this poses a challenge for many. Unlike the living room, where you can toss old magazines or knickknacks, you need to keep most of the items in the bathroom handy. Here are some tips for ways to organize curling irons, blow dryers, lotions, razors, toothbrushes, and all the other things that help you put your best forward!

7-Year-Old Lotion Isn’t Helping Anyone

Seriously: If you have to scrape crust of the lotion before using it, it’s probably time to splurge on a shopping trip to CVS. One of the best organization tips is to keep only things you actually use and purge the rest. Start by removing everything from the cabinets or closet and then dividing into “keep” and “toss” piles. It feels good to get rid of things, and fewer items mean you’ll be better situated to start organizing!

Make the Most of Cabinet Space

If you have cabinets or a linen closet in your bathroom, organize it by introducing a lazy Susan or any other type of dividers. Rather than just throwing everything in there and then having to root around to find what you need, you’ll quickly be able to put your hands on things by dividing items by category, such as lotions, hair, etc…

A great tip for families is to purchase a bin for each member of the household. The bins, which will be stored in the closet, will hold the products used by one family member. When that person is getting ready, they simply grab their basket.

Thrift Store Baskets = Charming Shelves

This is a smart way use inexpensive baskets you can easily find at the thrift store. Simply attach them to the wall and you’ll have a place to store washcloths and other lightweight items. As a bonus, the baskets add an attractive design element to the space.

Shower Storage

When you’re looking for storage space in the bathroom, don’t overlook the shower walls. All of that empty space can be used to store shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other essentials. Luxury Bath of Raleigh offers showers with built-in caddies and shelving and other custom bathroom storage. If you’re not ready to upgrade your shower, look for shelving options that hang from the shower head or that can be attached to the shower walls via suction cups or other methods.

The Little Things

When it comes to bathroom organization, Q-tips, cotton balls, and bobby pins are like the little foxes that spoil the vine—but there are plenty of smart and attractive ways to store these smaller items. Here are two of our favorites:

·  Save Your Old Candles: Purchase glass jar candles with flat metal lids. When they are gone, scrape out any remaining wax and clean the jar. Paint the metal lid (or leave it plain) and then attach an appropriately sized drawer pull using superglue. You now have attractive, inexpensive storage for small items in your shared or master bathroom.

·  Head to the Auto Parts Store: Bobby pins aren’t only hard to store, they are hard to keep! Many women will attest to having purchased thousands of bobby pins over the years, yet most find it difficult to find any when they need them. A magnetic parts holder will solve this problem. This inexpensive item will stick to the interior of any metal medicine cabinet or you can attach it with command strips or any method you see fit. Just toss your bobby pins into it, and you’ll always know where to find them when you need them. Since the holder is placed on the wall of the interior, you don’t lose valuable shelf space.

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