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If you love to entertain guests at home, the holiday season is likely to be one of the busiest times of the year for you and your family. Making your home feel welcome for family, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers that visit you during this wonderful time of the year is the number one way to make your holiday parties, gatherings, and get-togethers a success.

In the hustle and bustle of the season, most homeowners tend to focus on preparing their kitchens, dining rooms, and other social areas for guests. With all of the commotion and long to-do lists to take care of, it’s easy for homeowners to forget about preparing their home’s bathrooms in time before guests arrive.

At Luxury Bath of Raleigh, we’ve been helping homeowners create beautifully designed bathroom spaces before, during, and after the holiday season. We know how important it can be to make your home feel welcome with a sparkling clean and well-appointed bathroom, which is why we’ve provided this guide to help you prepare your space for your holiday guests this season.

Welcome Guests to a Fresh, Clean Bathroom

A sparkling clean bathroom is a must, especially when having guests over. In order to make it sparkle, scrub it thoroughly starting with your shower area and bathtub. Also, remember to replace the shower curtain and clean the shower caddies thoroughly.

After cleaning your shower area, make the mirrors, toilet bowl, and sink shine. You can use glass cleaner and squeegee for your mirrors and faucet to make it absolutely clean. Clear any stubborn stains on the floor and fixtures, and see to it that grime, bacteria, and mold are removed from tile grout, window frames, and bathroom fixtures.

If your bathroom is old or deteriorating, it might be time for a quick, fast renovation from a reputable bathroom remodeling company like Luxury Bath of Raleigh. Newer bathroom products are easy-to-clean and maintain, and can dramatically improve your space in a matter of hours—without spending a fortune.

Toiletries and Other Bathroom Essentials

Make your guests feel welcome by preparing a tray with all the bathroom essentials such as soap or hand wash, hand sanitizer, lotion, toilet paper, and hand towels. Some of the other items that you can provide include:

  • Sanitary Napkins
  • Tampons
  • Mouthwash
  • Dental floss
  • Q-Tips

Deodorizing Spray or Air Freshener

Foul odors in the bathroom may be quite unavoidable, but providing a solution to the problem is a must. If you want to prevent embarrassing situations, make sure that your bathroom has an air freshener ready that guests can use, or an automatic deodorizing spray on a timer. You can also consider leaving out incense sticks, potpourri, and other deodorizing materials for the comfort and convenience of your guests that visit your bathroom.

Sound Cover

Similar to smells, sounds coming from the bathroom may put guests in an awkward situation. By keeping a small radio or any form of sound machine in the bathroom which can cover up the sounds coming from the room, you will be able to make them feel that they have privacy. This is highly recommended especially if your bathroom is in a high traffic area of your house.

If your bathroom is equipped with an overhead fan, make sure it’s functioning properly for your guests to use. Fans are convenient for both covering up sounds and smells from the bathroom, and can help your guests feel more comfortable when visiting your bathroom.

Easy Nighttime Navigation

If your guests are staying overnight, make sure that you keep a night light on for them to walk safely to and from the bathroom. These lights will help your guests be able to find their way to the bathroom discreetly (especially if its located outside of the guest bedroom), without having to disturb others by turning on lights in the home.

Remember the Plunger

As one of the most important bathroom maintenance tools in existence, a toilet plunger is a must. If you have guests in your home, or even if you don’t, make sure that a toilet plunger is stocked inside the bathroom cabinet of each of your bathrooms, and easily accessible in case your toilet gets clogged. Nothing is more awkward than having to make your guests approach you with clogged toilet issues, except perhaps for those that decide to quietly deal with the issue on their own.

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