bathroom remodel cost

Whether you are considering a tub-to-shower conversion or a total bathroom renovation, it’s easy to run up the budget with your remodel. No matter how much you have available to invest in the bathroom, it’s always helpful to find good deals and savings. This way you have money left over to update another part of the house. Consider trying out these four tips to save money on your bath remodel.

Avoid Reconfigurations

One of the biggest expenses of a bathroom remodel is wall and floor layout reconfigurations. It involves major demolitions, rearranging the plumbing, and installing new walls, all of which add up quickly. Save yourself a chunk of change by keeping all the plumbing in the same place, just update the fixtures.

Limit Accessories

The right accessories can put a beautiful finishing touch on your bathroom remodel. However, they don’t have to be expensive choices. Be sparing with your accessory budget. Pick one or two pieces to add a statement to the room, such as wainscoting or a framed mirror. You can also hit up thrift shops and yard sales to find inexpensive choices for your bathroom.

Save the Fixtures

Whenever possible try to save and reuse the existing fixtures, such as the toilet and vanity. You can refinish the cabinets to freshen them up and perform some maintenance on the toilet to improve its function. If your bath enclosure isn’t in too bad of shape, you may be able to redo it with a new wall surround, hardware, and shower door.

Focus on Promotions

It also helps to scour the papers and internet to find those discounts and promotions offered by local contractors. Many companies start running bathroom remodel offers from late summer through winter to raise work that has dried up after the busy season. You can also check out hardware stores during the big holidays, such as Labor Day, for fixtures and supplies when DIYing a bath remodel.

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