Do you dream of a stylish bathroom complete with a jetted tub or rainfall shower, but worry that you don’t have the space? You are in good company, the average bathroom is a meager 40 square feet, which isn’t a whole lot of room. Luckily, professional bath designers are well-acquainted with tight spaces and they have some great options to make your small bathroom seem a little bigger. Let the pros create a custom-fit tub or shower solution that fits seamlessly into your small bathroom space.

Best Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

A standard bathtub requires at least five feet of space and it is usually the first compromise homeowners make when they are pressed for space. But if you have small children, mobility issues, or just genuinely enjoy a soak in the tub, there are bathtub options for smaller spaces.

For starters, a compact bathtub is usually a little smaller and only requires four-and-a-half feet of space to install. Other options for smaller tubs include walk-in models which tend to be narrower, or a corner bath that uses space a little more efficiently without compromising on tub capacity.

Best Showers for Small Bathrooms

Showers offer the most flexibility for small spaces. Most standard shower bases are three feet or less, square and can be used with custom-fabricated shower walls to fit angled ceilings and tight spaces. With professional bathroom remodeling, designers will measure your space and help you choose the right design from a wide selection of colors and patterns. Then, the warehouse will fabricate your shower based on the measurements and ship it to your home. Once it arrives, a professional installation crew will get it in place in less than one day.

If you are worried about shower enclosures, don’t be. There are several door options designed for a narrow shower enclosure, ranging from 29 inches to 47.5 inches. With options for glass and metal finishes, you can still get the great look you want. Another popular option for small showers with a full-size door is the neo-angle shower base. The angled design of the entry face is less-obtrusive to the foot space in the small bathroom. It blends the best of both worlds when it comes down to space efficiency and style.

Best Storage Options for Small Bathrooms

The make or break element of any small space is the availability of storage. And nowhere else is that felt more than in a small bathroom. With dozens of bottles of soaps, lotions, and perfumes, you will need ample space to keep everything tidy. Your best option in a small space is built-in wall storage solutions fabricated into your shower or bathtub surround. You can choose from a variety of versatile options, including caddies and shelves.

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