Is it time to give your kitchen a fresh, new look? If you’re looking for design inspiration that’s trendy and will stand the test of time for years to come, then we have some suggestions for you. Below are some popular kitchen remodeling trends that are showing up in a big way in 2023.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

One of the best places to begin your remodel is with a kitchen cabinet replacement. Although you can never go wrong with traditional wood, there are some other ideas that are big right now:

Bold Cabinet Colors

Colored kitchen cabinets are popular in 2023, and the most common include various shades of blue and green. Deep hues create warm and charming feel.

Mixed Materials

Some kitchens are using a blend of materials in a creative and complementary way, one of the most coming being painted cabinets paired with traditional wood cabinets.

No Upper Cabinets

If you want your space to have an open or minimalist feel, then why not remove your upper cabinets all together? Some homeowners opt for low cabinets instead, or they put shelving up in place of the upper cabinets.

Deep Drawers Instead of Cabinets

Many modern kitchens are swapping cabinets for wide and deep drawers to store their cookware and other appliances.

Kitchen Countertop Trends

You can never go wrong with traditional, white kitchen countertops. However, if you want to bring your kitchen into the year 2023, then here are some trends that you might want to see in your own home.

Expressive Stones

Bold stone patterns are one of the most popular options today. Traditional granite and marble are not as common; rather, people are choosing designs with expressive swirls and contrasts of light and dark colors.

Warm Vanilla Hues

If you prefer a brighter look, but you don’t want to go with white, then a warm vanilla is the way to go. This makes your space look cozy and clean.

Solid Color Laminates

Black, olive green, and other solid color countertops are gaining ground as a stylish and creative alternative to marble, stone, and other designs that were commonplace in the past.

Timeless Styles that Still Shine

Trendy remodels can be fun, but they can be risky in the long run or if you plan to sell your home. If you’re looking for something more traditional that isn’t outdated, then here are some tried and true themes to try:

  • White and Bright: You can never go wrong with white cabinets and countertops. This creates a bright and open feel, which is great for smaller spaces.
  • Black and White Contrasts: White countertops with black cabinets can make your kitchen look contemporary and sophisticated.
  • Eclectic and Creative: If you plan to live in your home for a while, then you can always go with your instincts. Combine a variety of colors, textures, and decorative items to create a space that is all your own.

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