Residential bathroom remodeling is always an exciting endeavor, but many times the process can feel overwhelming for those that are mobility impaired. If you're part of the aging population, are disabled, or simply have trouble getting around, it's crucial that you have safe bathing fixtures that won't cause injury. Many times, these groups of people feel that they have to suffer with their existing fixtures. However, this isn't the case. There are numerous accessible bathroom products that will work great for your Raleigh home.

If you need some inspiration on how to make your accessible bathroom stylish, we have tips for you. Using the advice in this blog, you'll be able to create a bathroom that's not only safe, but stunning too.

Choosing the Right Fixtures for Your Raleigh Bathroom Remodeling Project

The biggest element in a bathroom remodel is the bathing fixtures. While you may think that all showers and bathtubs are the same, this couldn't be further from the truth. There are multiple customizable options that you can choose from when investing in an accessible shower replacement or bathtub installation. Some homeowner favorites include:

  • Bases: Shower bases can feature different textures, patterns, and materials. The overall feel of your shower can be greatly influenced by this.
  • Enclosures: No one likes dealing with a cold and clammy shower curtain. A nice glass enclosure can make a shower installation pop.
  • Surrounds: Bathtub and shower surrounds are commonly made up of tiles, but there are multiple geometric patterns you can select from.

Don't forget that you can easily switch up your current bathing fixture. If you find it difficult to get in and out of a bathtub, Raleigh tub-to-shower conversions may be right for you.

Pairing Colors and Textures Properly

Once you've selected the right fixture for your accessible bathroom, you can let your true personality shine. With a remodeling company like Luxury Bath of Raleigh, you'll have countless colors and textures available for your installation. We have acrylic and tile that are available in various designs, and we have a whole portfolio of white and off-white color palettes for you to choose from.

Call Luxury Bath of Raleigh to See What We Can Do for You

Remodeling an accessible bathroom can be a brilliantly fun process, and with the help of Luxury Bath of Raleigh's team, it will be easy too. No matter to what extent you need our services, we're ready to help. From beautiful showers and bathtubs to complete conversions, we have all the customizable options that will make your jaw drop. Get started with our team today and call us for a free consultation and quote.