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A bathroom is one of the few places on Earth where you can relax and be alone with your thoughts. After a long, hard day of work, there’s nothing better or more restorative for the body and mind than a warm, relaxing bath. However, if your bathroom doesn’t look the part, it’s nearly impossible to ease your mind and enter a state of ultimate tranquility.

If you’re a victim of this dilemma, making a change isn’t as hard or expensive as you think. In fact, our experts can have a Raleigh bathroom remodel finished in as little as one day, providing you with a space to clear your mind and wash away the stresses of daily life. Not sure how to create an ideal spa-like environment in your bathroom? Here are some ideas we have in mind:

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Out with Your Old Tub and in with the New

A bathtub can potentially be the most relaxing space in your home. Nothing beats soaking in warm water while hydrotherapy jets massage your sore body back to full strength. If you’re truly interested in making a spa out of your bathroom, the first step would be to have Raleigh bathroom remodelers install a new bath with hot tub-like capabilities.

Add a Seat in Your Shower

If you prefer showering to bathing, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the spa-like bathroom that you desire. As long as you have all of the right parts, you can make your shower just as comfortable and soothing as a bathtub. The easiest way to accomplish this is installing a seat in your shower. This will give you the ability to take a load off while streams of water splash against and wash your body.

Store Clutter in a Beautiful Vanity

Not only will a beautiful new vanity add more aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, it also provides a space to store toiletries and other items. A bathroom full of clutter is bad for the mind, making it hard to reach the coveted point of total relaxation. By incorporating a vanity installation in your Raleigh bathroom remodel, you’re allowing yourself an easy and stylish way to keep your space organized.

Fill the Room with Candlelight and

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Peaceful Sounds

Nothing screams RELAXATION more than scented candles and ambient music. However, in order to enjoy these luxuries, you need a place to keep them. By simply adding shelving near your tub, you’re giving yourself a convenient space to place your candles and music player. As a result, you’ll be able to relish in the pleasure of a warm bath while pleasant smells, peaceful sounds, and flickering lights fill the room.

Go for an Earthly Aesthetic

When calmness and relaxation are your top priorities, the last thing you’ll want is loud, vibrant colors. Your best bet is to go with nature-inspired colors such as brown, gray, and green. These tones will give your Raleigh bathroom remodel a more organic feel and induce a calming effect. From the walls to the countertops, try to make everything follow a natural color scheme. You’ll be thankful that you did once you’re relaxing in your tub and enjoying your scenic bathroom.

Are you ready to give yourself the spa-like retreat you’ve always wanted? Our Raleigh bathroom remodelers are at your command! Give Luxury Bath of Raleigh a call or fill out our online form to request your free quote today!