walk in bathtubs raleigh nc

Continue to enjoy your bathing independence, regardless of limitations to your mobility. No one should have the misfortune being physically restricted from a ritual which heals and relaxes to the body. Our walk-in bathtubs in Raleigh will help you find the right solution for your needs and make it easier for you to remain independent in the home you love.

Easy-Entry, Low-Threshold Door

Standard tubs, on average, have a foot-and-a-half tall wall which restricts those with limited mobility, arthritis, knee problems and other ailments. The low threshold of a walk-in tub allows you to easily step through, reducing the risks of tripping, slipping, and falling. It’s as easy as opening the door, stepping in, sitting down, turning on the water, and letting the warmth soothe your body into relaxation.

High Sides for Stabilization While Entering and Exiting

The high-standing walls of our Raleigh walk-in bathtubs are made with quality, thick, pore-free acrylic. This means you can confidently use the tub sides to support your body as you enter, sit, and exit. The acrylic is strong and durable, providing you with the support you need for years to come. Additionally, it’s reinforced with Microban™ so it’s ultra-sanitary and easy to clean.

Comfortable Ergonomic Built-In Seat

Upon entering the walk-in tub, you will encounter a conveniently placed seat designed with your comfort in mind. The seat height is carefully and ergonomically placed so that you will not need to frequently adjust while bathing. You can comfortably sit back and relax while you enjoy the many great features of your new Raleigh walk-in bathtub.

Bathe in Therapeutic Luxury with Hydrotherapy Jets

Imagine melting into your bathwater as the high-powered hydrotherapy jets massage your sore muscles and aching joints. Hydrotherapy and air jet features will alleviate arthritic pain from aching joints. Simply sit back while bubbles and jet streams massage your legs and feet, rejuvenating you back to health. Whether you need to recover faster from a surgery or improve your blood circulation, hydrotherapy jets can help!  

Retain your freedom and independence in the bathroom. Call our Raleigh, NC Walk-in bathtubs company today or fill out our online form tor request your free consultation!