bathtub replacement

Are you thinking about refreshing your old bath with a tub liner? As you might know already, a bathtub liner is a new acrylic surface that is applied directly on top of your existing bath. A liner is a quick and low-cost method, but are they worth-while?

If your bathtub is damaged, outdated looking, or difficult to use, then a bathtub replacement might be a better option. Here’s why.

Bathtub Liners Offer a Temporary Solution

Sometimes you just want a quick fix that’s easy and affordable, so liners can be an attractive choice. However, the benefits are often short-lived. The adhesive used to apply the liner will break down over time. As this happens, moisture will begin to seep into the space between your liner and tub. This can lead to:

Mold Growth

Mold thrives in damp and dark spaces, and that’s precisely what a failing tub liner provides. To make matters worse, you might not notice that mold is growing until the problem is severe enough to become visible. By then you could be dealing with mold-related health issues.

Water Puddles

When larger amounts of water gather in between the liner and bath, puddles can form. You can feel the water move around when you step into the tub. This looks terrible and can lead to slip and fall related injuries.

Bath Deterioration

Trapped water will further damage your already deteriorated bathtub, so you will wind up needing a bathtub replacement after all.

Replacement Bathtubs Offer More Benefits

Home improvements are investments that you want to enjoy for as long as possible. When it comes to bathtub remodeling, you’re going to get the most for your money if you upgrade to a new bath including:

Lasting Quality

When you get a quality bathtub, you can expect to enjoy a like-new bath for many years. You won’t have to deal with mold or water damage, and you’re improving the over-all beauty, comfort, and value of your home.

Style Variety

Tub liners are available in several colors, but they do nothing for the size and shape of your bathtub. A replacement bathtub provides a wide range of style possibilities, so you can give your bathroom a whole new look and feel.

Accessibility Options

If you anticipate aging in place or caring for a senior loved one, then you might want to consider your future accessibility needs. Instead of a standard tub, consider the many benefits of walk-in tubs. They offer low-barrier entry, comfortable seating, and the soothing benefits of hydrotherapy, to name a few.

Bathtub Replacement Can be Easy and Affordable

At Luxury Bath of Raleigh, we make it possible to get the bathtub replacement you need. Prices are competitive, financing options are easy, and we can complete your installation in less than two days. Contact one of our friendly representatives today to learn more or to request a free cost estimate!