Common Bathroom Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Most homeowners don’t complete bathroom remodeling projects very often, so it’s easy to understand why some make common bathroom remodeling mistakes. Luxury Bath of Raleigh has completed thousands of successful bathroom renovations, so we’re able to guide our customers away from these bathroom update errors.

If you’re thinking about updating your bathroom, consider the mistakes other homeowners have made and follow the advice below to avoid them.

DIY Bathroom Remodeling Projects

There is a time for DIY home improvement projects but, unless you have some experience, a bathroom remodel isn’t one of them. Improperly installed tiles, tubs, or showers leave your space vulnerable to mold and other issues. Plus, the cost of fixing any potential problems can eat up any money you might have saved by trying to complete the update yourself.

Overpaying for a Bathroom Remodel

While you shouldn’t necessarily hire a bathroom remodeling company based on price alone, you also shouldn’t overpay for the services you need. Instead, find a company with an excellent reputation that offers competitive pricing on tub and shower replacements and other renovations.

Considering Style Above All Else

You see pictures of a bathroom that you LOVE, but before you rush into the remodel, consider more than looks. Think about the practicality of any design that you’re considering, taking into account storage and ease of maintenance.

Making Unnecessary Changes

Making changes that aren’t necessary, such as moving a toilet or relocating a showerhead, makes the remodel a lot more costly and time-consuming. Unless there is a good reason for such changes, skip them.

Focus on the Wet Areas

If you’re looking for ways to update your bathroom on a budget, focus on the wet areas. Installing a new tub, shower, and surround, or completing a tub-to-shower conversion transforms the look and functionality of your bathroom for much less than a traditional bathroom renovation.

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